Gut healing for fat loss in 21-days. 

How to heal your gut, boost your metabolism, and lose body fat without another fad diet. 

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20k+ Happy Clients

Clinically Proven Protocol

20+ Years Experience

You've tried EVERYTHING... 

Result: everything got worse.

  • Constipation + bloating
  • Low energy + exhausted
  • Weight management troubles
  • Skin problems & autoimmune issues
  • Chronic unsustainable dieting 

It's a long list. We've coached over 20k people to better, gut health, and overall health. No weird diets, low calories, or cutting major food groups.

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DEBLOAT21 is a 21-day masterclass, built to get your gut health, and overall health back on track, for good

1:1 Consultation

Meet your coach for a 1:1 initial consultation + weekly on live coaching sessions.

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On-Demand Masterclasses

Lean into our 20+ years of coaching experience as we guide you through your gut health journey.

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Gut Repairing Nutrition

Reclaim your best without fad diets. We believe in real, nutritious, and delicious foods that you and your family love.

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"I'm shocked how quickly things turned around"

When you prioritise fixing the function of your body, like we helped Rachelle to do - you can make significant changes, fast.  To maintain the best results, you need to learn a sustainable "system" you can follow for good.  That's what we do best.

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"My bloating issues are gone, I eat dairy and carbs again."

Have you learned how to eat foods that heal your metabolism, and avoid foods that suppress it?

If you haven't, getting off the diet merry-go-round can feel impossible. We work with people like Amy to transform their metabolism by using metabolism supportive foods.

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What's inside Debloat 21?

Everything you'll need to make great progress + reduce your symptoms, guaranteed.

  • On-demand video modules ($1000 value)
  • 1:1 initial consultation ($250 value)
  • 60+ gut repairing recipes ($200 value) 
  • Personalized nutrition plans, shopping lists + data-driven superfood + supplement regimen ($200 value)
  • Private VIP Community ($200 value)
  • Weekly members-only coaching ($300 value)
  • Lifetime access ($100 value)

Total Value: A$2,250
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Result Guarantee

Lifelong Access

21-day plan

The In's & Outs

"My symptoms have disappeared after years of suffering"

When you fix the function of your body, like we helped Susanne to - you can make significant changes, fast.

More importantly, what we do is sustainable. You can do My Way Up forever, and just continue to feel better, look better, and improve.

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Debloat 21 modules

In just 21 days, we'll teach you how to rebuild your gut health, metabolism, energy & body. Here's how.

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Debloat 21 is for you if you can imagine...

  • Reducing painful, uncomfortable gut health symptoms, and the anxieties that come with them
  • Seeing through diet culture BS, so you can make informed nutrition choices
  • Using nutrient-dense foods to improve your health and wellbeing
  • More body confidence, better metabolism and smoother digestion as your norm!
  • Balanced blood sugar, less body fat, more energy and better performance
  • Staying "regular" everyday and reducing your food sensitivities
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Gut questions? We've got answers

Real people, really great results 

Rebuild great gut health, energy + metabolism without fad diets. 

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